Tom Antonio wins MVP “Millers Medal”

Last month Tom Antonio was crowned the 2016-17 Miller Medalist at the vote count event.

The award is determined by Saturday pennant players, who rank their rink mates each week using a voting system.

Tom polled well to finish clear on top with 211 votes, capping off an outstanding season in which he was the second highest ranked skipper in Two White with twelve wins, three draws and two losses.

The top ten polling players were:

1. Tom Antonio (211 Votes)

2. Troy Kinnane (199)

3. Scott Walker (198)

4. Denis Bandy (197)

5. John Hawkes (194)

6. Max Petrich & Mick McRae (189)

8. Danny Penman (188)

9. Perry Brown (187)

10 Vic Yates (183)