Mens 100-Up Handicap Singles Results

SPBC 100 Up Singles Final

David Hagen was able to hold off a late charge from Scott Walker to win the Men’s Handicap 100 Up Trophy. Mike Smith’s assessment of the two candidates’ credentials saw David start with a 12-shot head-start and that ended up being the exact margin, 102-90. Scott fell further behind in the early stages, with David able to jump out to a 56-26 advantage. As the game went on Scott found his range to close in to 75-77 but David held his nerve to hold on for victory.

In the semi-finals David Hagen accounted for Troy Kinnane with a 100-82 success while Scott Walker was tested by Brian Ellis and needed an extra end to win 106-104 to take his place in the final.




S Walker BYE


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
M McEwen1586-10595-100x0W -24
D Hagen12105-86x106-922W +33
R Miles30x100-9592-1061W -9


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
S Masterson10107-88x60-1031W -24
M McRae588-107103-97x1W -13
B Roelofs25x97-103103-601W +37


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
T Kinnane10103-64x102-762W +65
N Reagan364-10373-102x0W -68
D Reagan48x102-7376-1021W +3


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
D Bandy12102-101x94-1031W -8
G Berryman25101-102104-86x1W +17
G Pauling5x86-104103-941W -9


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
B Ellis40101-74x100-852W +42
N Griffin574-10199-101x0W -29
D Mortley15x101-9985-1001W -13


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
G Reagan6101-88x79-1001W -8
F Hourquebie1588-10196-104x0W -21
S Cameron45x104-96100-792W +29


HandicapGame 1Game 2Game 3Tally
B Josham4895-10366-107x0W -49
S Walker0103-95x101-942W +15
G Bovell45x107-6694-1011W +34